ACSI Report Notes Increase In Customer Satisfaction For Cars In US

According to the 2018 ACSI Automobile Report, there has bene a rise of 1.2 per cent in customer satisfaction with automobiles and light vehicles in the US on the American Customer Satisfaction Index’s scale of 0 to 100. The report also lists a tie between Volvo and Lexus for best luxury automaker and Subaru was named as the leader in the mass market.

The highest owner satisfaction was scored by European cars followed by cars made by the Japanese and Korean companies. The customer satisfaction level of US car makers was last on the list. for the second consecutive year.

Ford leads the lot as far as U.S. automakers are concerned and it has left behind GM this year. in the third place on the list was Fiat Chrysler – marking an improvement in the index this year.

The rise in owner satisfaction this year is primarily because of better value even though there has been improvement in both product and service quality on the overall for the industry.

“Car owners are often highly satisfied—they’ve kicked the tires enough times that they’re happy with their decision when they buy,” said David VanAmburg, Managing Director at ACSI. “But this year’s improvements might not last. Proposed tariffs on auto imports add to the pressure of rising metal costs for both international automakers and American-made cars using foreign parts. We’ll be watching how the threat of higher prices affects customer satisfaction in the coming year.”

Subaru jumped to the number one spot in the mass market despite loosing a point in the index because last year’s leader Toyota lost 3 points and hence conceded the top spot. Toyota was tied in second spot with Honda which showed an improvement in satisfaction levels by one point om the scale.

Amongst the brands that has improved customer satisfaction the most this year in the mass market car segment is Volkswagen and has gained 4 more points compared to its score on the index last year. the German car maker managed to achieve this because of a number of measures that included doubling of its warranty length, investing in new technologies, and achieving a high fuel economy which according to many owners is now amongst the best in the industry. the company’s success with customer satisfaction was driven by its SUCs segment where it has gained a significant market share.

In the luxury car segment, the greatest gainer was Volvo which gained 4 points to score a tie with the previous years leader in the segment Lexus. Volvo was marked as the most improved car in in terms of customer satisfaction in the luxury car segment for 2018.

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