‘Play anywhere’ is the new emerging trend in the video game industry

Consumers are increasingly taking to gaming in their smartphones rather than stick to traditional devices such as consoles and computers. Subscription models and cloud gaming could be the new engines for growth for gaming companies.

With the annual Gamescom trade fair opening its doors in the German city of Cologne, the online entertainment and the video game industry, is seeing the establishment of a new trend.

There are more and more people playing video games on their phones rather than on computers, said Felix Falk, head of German industry federation Game; cloud gaming and subscription games have become a hot topic this year.

The fair, which opened today and runs until August 25, features exhibitors from more than 50 countries.

Among them, is a German video game which features Nazi-era symbols. The country’s Entertainment Software Self-Regulation Body has given the go-ahead for their use.

Developed by Berlin-based independent studio Paintbucket Games, in the video game titled “Through the Darkest of Times”, players are cast in the role of resistance fighters in Third Reich.

Although the display of Nazi symbols, such as swastikas, are considered unconstitutional and illegal in Germany, their portrayal in “Through the Darkest of Times” was accepted since it was deemed as an exception under a clause that allows their use for the purpose of artistic expression.

Falk welcomed the decision, saying that “in individual, exceptional cases,” video games can now be put on the same level as movies and books.

“I believe this is an important message for the equality of the medium and also for developers who are very involved and responsible in also treating difficult topics,” said Falk.


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