UBS Key That Enhances Online Security Launched By Google

Google released a USB key that has been developed inhouse by the tech giant and which, the company said, would be helpful in enhancing the security of online login for its users.

This new solution developed by Google is being described as an innovative approach that is very contextual of the current times and has the primary aim of replacing only passwords for logging into computers and accounts. This new solution comes in the form of a USB key that has been named Titan Security Key and its usage would enhance security for users against possible phishing and hacking attacks as well as for other illegal online hacking efforts.

For a start, only the Could customers of Google would be able to get access to the security key. The company announced that the key would later be available for the general public against a payment from the online Google Store in the coming months/ the key can be used for authentication purposes for logins through Bluetooth and USB when that key is plugged into a computer’s USB port which would bypass the process of typing in passwords by users.

The company said that it had been advocating the usage of security keys because it was the strongest and the most resistant to phishing for authentication purposes for high-value users. The best suited users are cloud administrators as such USB keys would help to generate protection against the potentially damaging outcome of credential theft.

“Titan Security Key gives you even more peace of mind that your accounts are protected, with assurance from Google of the integrity of the physical key,” Jennifer Lin, product management director at Google Cloud said an official blog post Wednesday.

Fast Identity Online (FIDO) alliance, an industry consortium which is focused on development of more secure login alternatives, was also a part of the development team of the USB security key, Google said. A number of apps and browsers such as Google’s Chrome, Microsoft’s Edge or Firefox in their latest version, supports the authentication standard that also complies with the FIDO specification.

The security key had bene tested internally at Google over a long period starting from 2017. However, the company has not yet disclosed the costs that users would have to pay for the security key. According to media reports, customers could be charged 50 U.S. dollars in bundle or about 20 dollars for each as a stand-alone piece.

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