Facebook staring at potential class-action lawsuit in Australia

The likelihood of the class-action lawsuit will depend on the findings of the Australian Information Commissioner which is probing Facebook’s improper handling of 311,000 Australian users’ data.

On Tuesday, IMF Bentham Ltd, a litigation funding provider, disclosed it was funding a representative who has complained against Facebook Inc’s alleged breaches of Australia’s Privacy Principles.

IMF Bentham said, it would fund the complaint made to the Australian Information Commissioner against Facebook Australia, Facebook Ireland and Facebook Inc.

The complaint is being handled by Sydney-based law firm Johnson Winter & Slattery.

Significantly, IMF Bentham said, since the Australian Information Commissioner has also begun its own separate investigation into the matter, a class action lawsuit may follow depending on the Commissioner’s findings.

Facebook has come under increasing scrutiny following its admission in March 2018 that it had mistakenly provided the data of 50 million users into the hands of political consultancy firm Cambridge Analytica.

Following the news that Cambridge Analytica improperly accessed 50 million user’s data to build profiles on American voters so as to influence the U.S. 2016 Presidential elections, the company lost more than $50 billion in market capitalization.

In April 2018, Facebook had stated 311,000 Australian users may have had their data improperly shared with Cambridge Analytica.

Facebook Australian was not immediately available for a comment.


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