Robert Bosch GmbH partners with Mojio to tap digital services for connected vehicles

The partnership aims to collect data from vehicle communication, crash detection, and diagnostics and provide big-data analytics to corporate clients, insurers and emergency responders.

In a statement, German auto supplier Robert Bosch GmbH and Canadian startup have said, the two firms have teamed up to collaborate on a wide spectrum of digital services in the connected vehicles segment, ranging from vehicle insurance to emergency responders.

On its part Bosche said, it was investing in the Vancouver-based startup’s Series B funding round; it did not quantify the size of its investment.

Founded in 2012, Mojio has raised more than $40 million in funding rounds and has secured investments from Deutsche Telekom, Amazon and AOL founder Steve Case.

The duo aim to connect more vehicles to the internet and mine data to support services for consumers and vehicle manufacturers

According to Kevin Mull, group director of Bosch’s Connected Mobility Solutions, initially the focus will be to collect data regarding vehicle communication, crash detection, and diagnostics.

“By getting access to an incredible amount of (vehicle) data, including very accurate crash detection data with Bosch, we should be able to save lives and make the insurance claims process more effective,” said Kenny Hawk, Mojio’s CEO.

Insurers will be able to mine data to determine the severity of the crash and will be able to remotely handle claims rather than send out an adjuster.

The partners aim to connect consumers with Bosch’s call centers as well as first responders. in the event of a crash.

According to a statement by both companies, they are also looking at the possibility of introducing related services in the future, including “the ability to open doors and trunks for package delivery.”

Incidentally, Mojio develops mobile apps for consumers and provides big-data analytics to corporate clients.

Mojio also mentioned it has gathered “real-world data from more than 7 billion miles of driving from subscribers to network services from Deutsche Telekom in Europe and T-Mobile in North America”.

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