End-To-End Real Time Consumer Insights Platform Launched By Toluna

TolunaInsight, which is being considered to be the industry’s first comprehensive, automated platform that offers consumer insights in real-time has bene launched by Toluna, as a part of its corporate rebrand that seeks to focus on the value proposition and market position of the firm.

According to the company, this launch has helped the company to transform from a sample and survey providing form to one that offers a comprehensive platform-based consumer insight for clients.

“Companies face a constant battle for time and resources when it comes to accessing and acting on consumer intelligence,” said Frederic Charles-Petit, CEO of Toluna. “There is an increasingly urgent need across every business function for automated solutions powered by advanced technology that deliver reliable insights in real-time. TolunaInsights is our answer to that need in market research, and is the culmination of a journey we embarked on ten years ago as one of the very few technology-driven global market research companies. Our platform combines the power of millions of global influencers with world-class research expertise to ensure that companies of all sizes anywhere in the world stay at the forefront of consumer insight.”

The new platform brings together audiences, surveys, communities, and analytics in an automated and comprehensive manner. The platform is powered by on-demand insights and makes use of behavioural data available with Toluna’s global community.

There would be significant time and costs savings for clients with the use of Toluna’s platform-based approach. However, there would be no compromise on the quality or the confidence in the decision-making based on the insights.

The platform, developed to complement Toluma QuickSurveys, allows clients to take ad\vantage of the best-in-class consumer insight solutions on-demand.

“After years of some of the world’s largest companies using our proprietary consumer insight solutions, we understand the challenges facing businesses in today’s on-demand economy. We are bringing TolunaInsights to market as a single platform to meet the rapidly evolving business need across all functions for agile, yet comprehensive technology solutions,” said Phil Ahad, EVP Head of Products and Strategy at Toluna. “The efficiency and scale our platform provides is unrivalled, and our goal is to provide users with efficiencies that enable them to focus on adding value, as opposed to tactical execution.  We become a true extension of any in-house consumer insights team.”`

(Adapted from PRNewswire.com)


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