Bain Capital to support Toshiba Memory’s M&A

Toshiba Memory, the world’s second biggest NAND chip producers, will need to a host of technologies under its belt before it can produce next generation memory chips.

On Monday, Bain Capital, which led a consortium of companies in the $18 billion acquisition of Toshiba’s NAND memory business, stated it will support “the business in pursuing acquisitions in the chip industry”.

“I believe our financing power will enable Toshiba Memory engage in large-scale M&A deals,” said Yuji Sugimoto, head of Bain Capital in Japan.

He went on to add, Bain will discuss the matter with Yasuo Naruke, Toshiba Memory’s president on the kind of strategic acquisitions or technologies he wants to pursue for the company.

As per Naruke, Toshiba Memory will require various technologies for next generation memory chips.

Toshiba Memory is the world’s second biggest producer of NAND chips.


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