Volume Of The Music Played Determines Food Ordering Habit Of A Diner

A recent study has suggested that diners could be prone to ordering more of unhealthy food if one is dining out in a restaurant that has loud musing playing most of the time.

The ambient music volume at restaurants could be an important factor in people deciding to on whether to order a cheeseburger or a salad, suggested the results of a recent study.

The sale of healthy foods like salads is increased in a restaurant that plays low-volume ambient music, found the study that was conducted by researchers from the University of South Florida, Linnaeus University in Sweden and Louisiana State University which was published in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Sciences.

In comparison, food that is more greasy, fattening, sugary and unhealthy is ordered by 20 per cent more of diners and restaurant goers when the researchers notched up the volume being played in at the restaurant.

According to the research, this is because when there is soft music being played, it has a calming effect on the patrons which makes them more careful about the kind of order they placed and typically soft music was associated to more healthy food compared to louder music.

stimulation and stress are increased by environments that has louder music and noise which results in diners starting to desire more comfort foods that are mire greasy such as burger and fries.

The food choices of diners were noted by the researchers at a café in Stockholm, Sweden, in relation top when the researchers played various genres of music at 55 decibels and 70 Db at different times of the day.

The research also categorizes food as being healthy, non-healthy and neutral. The study was conducted over several hours for several days.

According to the researchers, the outcome of the study has the potential to aid help restaurant managers to “strategically” manipulate the volume of music to influence sales because the research results was published in a marketing journal.

“Restaurants and supermarkets can use ambient music strategically to influence consumer buying behaviour,” said author Dipayan Biswas of the University of South Florida in a statement.

But form the consumers’ point of view, the outcome of the result is a caution for them to be mindful about how the type and volume of music can impact their food choices especially in a restaurant setting. The outcome can even motivate customers to ask that the volume be turned down.

(Adapted from CTVNews.ca)


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