Iran To Face ‘strongest sanctions in history’, Threatens U.S.

Iran was warned with the “strongest sanctions in history” by the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. European companies were also issued a warning by the U.S. against maintaining business relationship with Iran indicating a stiffening of stance against Iran ever since U.S. president Donald Trump took the company out of the Iran nuclear deal.

Iran was described as the top sponsor of terror in the world by Pompeo as he outlined a set of aggressive measures against Tehran.

“We will apply unprecedented financial pressure on the Iranian regime. The leaders in Tehran will have no doubt about our seriousness,” Pompeo said in a speech at the conservative Heritage Foundation think tank.

“This sting of sanctions will be painful if the regime does not change its course from the unacceptable and unproductive path it has chosen to one that rejoins the league of nations.”

There is hardly anyone currently in the world who a\would accept the U.S. taking decisions on their behalf, said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani while dismissing the threats.

“Who are you to decide for Iran and the world?” Rouhani said in a statement carried by multiple Iranian news agencies.

“The world today does not accept that the United States decides for the world. Countries have their independence,” he added.

The U.S would only lift sanctions on Iran if the later agreed to a host of strict terms that include the closure of its ballistic missile program and ending of Iranian interventions in the regional conflicts on going such as the ones in Yemen and Syria.

A strong opposer of the Iran nuclear deal, which also had Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia as co-signatories, Donald Trump has repeatedly claimed that the deal was not strong enough to dissuade Iran from its nefarious activities and has urged the European powers to also come out in support of the U.S. sanctions.

The nuclear deal was created to stop Iran from further developing a nuclear weapon. The fact that Tehran has complied to the agreement has been confirmed by the international community, including US officials.

The U.S. now wants to make sure that Iran “will never again have carte blanche to dominate the Middle East” and suggested a 12-point conditions for Iran to follow, instead of any mention of a re-negotiation of the deal.

The proposed conditions effectively cater to every aspect of the missile program of Iran as well as the alleged interference of Iran in the geopolitics of the region – including offering support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, Hezbollah and Huthi rebels in Yemen.

“It must cease its threatening behavior against its neighbors,” Pompeo said.

The comments were deemed to be similar to what the George W. Bush administration had made before attacking Iraq in 2003, by Rouhani.

“The era of such statements has evolved and the Iranian people have heard these statements hundreds of times, and no longer pays attention,” Rouhani added.

On the other hand, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s Prime Minister and Iran’s foe, welcomed the speech made by Pompeo and called on eth other world powers to do the same with Iran.

“The US policy is correct. Iran is spreading aggressively throughout the Middle East. It aspires to achieve nuclear weapons by various means,” Netanyahu said.

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