Data From Cambridge Analytica Ordered To Be Handed Over By UK Information Watchdog

UK’s data protection watchdog has ordered handing over of all information that Cambridge Analytica has about the US citizen David Carroll.

A demand to know the information that the analytic firm has on the U.S. citizen was put forward by Prof Carroll in a legal action which is the source of the data demand.

Cambridge Analytica has been at the center of a global cry over data privacy after it was revealed that the frim had used personal information millions of Facebook users in a wrongful and unethical manner.

Cambridge Analytica has a 30 day deadline to comply to the order else there could be a steep fine.

After the emergence of the data scandal surrounding Cambridge Analytica, Prof Carroll became interested to know what information the company had about him and what it had gathered. Prof Carroll is an associate professor at Parsons School of Design in New York.

A data request was sent by him to Cambridge Analytica. The reply received from the firm in March revealed the manner in which the analytics company had put him on a small set of political categories that included gun control and national security.

But he was not satisfied with the information. He believed that there was more information about him with the company and therefore Prof Carroll took legal recourse. 4,000 to 5,000 data points were used for the generation of every voter profile by Cambridge Analytica, the company had said on earlier occasions.

Legal action was launched by Prof Carroll at the High Court in London because SCL Elections, which is the company that has been named as the data controller for Cambridge Analytica was based in the UK. He also filed a complaint with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office.

“This should solve a lot of mysteries about what the company did with data and where it got it from,” he told the media.

It would not be until the next few months that the case in the High Court would be heard.

It demanded information about the source of the data on Mr Carroll and the uses of the data that the frim made were asked to be supplied to it by the the Information Commissioner in a letter sent to the firm.

“The company has consistently refused to co-operate with our investigation into this case and has refused to answer our specific enquiries in relation to the complainant’s personal data,” Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham said in a statement.

The allegations against it have been vehemently refuted by Cambridge Analytica and it has repeatedly claimed that it had done nothing wrong in the manner in which it had processed the data. Personal data of millions of Facebook users were allegedly gathered and used by the firm without their consent for political campaigning.

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