Tesla Beaten By Nikola, Bags Big Order For Electric Long Haul Trucks

Anheuser-Busch, the largest beer manufacturers in the world has reportedly placed order for “up to 800” electric trucks with Nikola Motor Co. – a Arizona-based electric truck producer, the auto manufacturer announced recently.

Nikola said that the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show would be the occasion when it would unveil its a final production version of the electric truck and added that the first electric trucks would be started to be delivered to the beer maker by the beginning of 2020. The company is also finalizing plans to set up “over 700 hydrogen stations” in the United States and Canada by 2028 in order to support this fleet of trucks and other potential orders that it is expecting would come its way.

The company would also be constructing 28 hydrogen fueling stations that would be situated along the heaviest route of the beer company and two of them would become functional by the later part of the current year. These fuel stations would be built with cooperation with Anheuser-Busch and by making use of its own capital, Nikola said.

Those vehicle that run fuel-cells and which have been manufactured by other companies would also be able to make use of these fuel stations. The company also intends to develop hydrogen fuel on its own accord at every fuel station with the help of on-site solar power, wind power or process the fuel with electricity that had been generated from renewable sources such as hydropower.

There have bene earlier occasions that Anheuser-Busch had placed orders for medium-haul trucks that are powered by renewable energy. Last December, Tesla received an order of 40 electric semi-trucks from the company. there is a basic difference between the fuel generation technologies used by tesla and Nikola. While Nikola makes use of hydrogen fuel cells that are able to create electricity by splitting apart hydrogen electrons from the protons, batteries supply electricity to the electric vehicles of Tesla.

The technology system making use of fuel cells is very light and therefore it is considered to be a superior technology or alternative for electric vehicles compared to those using battery cells and since weight is a primary concern for long distance travel, therefore the hydrogen duel technology is apparently better.

Nikola Tesla, a renowned electrical engineer and physicist in history is the basis of the name Nikola Motor. A Serbian-American inventor was also called Tesla. Both these manufacturers of electric vehicles have been striving hard to gain a dominant position in the electric vehicles market and trying to get a share of the diesel-powered vehicles market.

Tesla was accused of stealing of aerodynamic truck design and other intellectual property from Nikola and the later sued the former for 2 billion U.S. dollars on Tuesday.

(Adapted from Xinhuanet.com)

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