TCMC to invest $1.3 billion into its R&D facility in Hsinchu science park

TCMC, the world’s biggest contract chipmakers plans on sinking in $1.3 billion in R&D to research future technologies.

On Friday, a spokesman for the world’s largest contract chipmaker, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co, stated it is planning to plough in $13.50 billion (T$400 billion) to help expand its research and development capacity for future technologies.

Clarifying the matter, Elizabeth Sun stated, that sum, part of an initial planned investment, was only a “ballpark figure” and is for several years down the line.

The proposed investment is contingent on the Taiwanese government’s ability to procure, integrate and pass environmental assessments in its efforts to add these to the exsiting Hsinchu science park, said Sun.

Hsinchu science park serves as TSMC’s headquarters; it also houses one of its major production facilities as well as its R&D center, which focuses on future chip technology.

“This piece of land, if we’re able to acquire it, it would be for all the future R&D activities,” said Sun. “Right now we’re already doing 5 nanonmeter R&D. In the future, it’ll be 3 nm and beyond.”

Earlier this month, although TSMC revised its full-year revenue target to the low end of its earlier forecast due to softer demand for smartphones and the uncertainty surrounding the cryptocurrency mining market, it however stated it expects high-performance computing chips to be its growth engines for the next five years.

Its chips are widely used in the field of blockchain technology, mining cryptocurrencies and in artificial intelligence.

($1 = 29.6380 Taiwan dollars)


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