All of Apple’s facilities worldwide run from clean energy

Apple has reached a major milestone with this achievement. The next step is to encourage suppliers to follow suit.

Apple has stated, it has achieved its goal of powering all of the company’s facilities, including data centers, retail stores and offices in 43 countries, with renewable energy.

Many big U.S. companies, including Alphabet, Apple and Wal-Mart Inc have become the country’s biggest purchasers of renewable forms of energy, thus significantly boosting the revenues of wind and solar companies.

In 2017, Alphabet’s Google year purchased sufficiently large amounts of renewable energy to cover all of its electricity consumption across its offices worldwide.

Thanks to companies buying large amounts of green power at competitive prices, the cost of solar and wind power has come down significantly. Furthermore, technological advances in the production of turbines and solar panels have further boosted the output of clean energy.

“We’re not spending any more than we would have,” said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president for environment, policy and social initiatives. “We’re seeing the benefits of an increasingly competitive clean energy market.”

Renewable energy projects that provide power to Apple facilities range from large wind farms in the United States to clusters of hundreds of rooftop solar systems in Japan and Singapore. The company has also urged utilities to procure renewable energy to help power Apple’s operations.

For Apple, the next stage is encouraging suppliers to follow suit in embracing clean energy. To this end, Jackson said, suppliers who pledge to use more clean energy will have “a leg up” against competitors for Apple’s business.

“We made it clear that over time this will become less of a wish list and more of a requirement,” said Jackson.


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