Google Claims It Bought More Renewables In 2017 Than Any Other Corporate Globally

U.S. tech giant Google has claimed that compared to the amount of electricity that all of its global operations had consumed in 2017, the company’s total purchase of renewable energy for the same period was greater. It was a year ago that the company had announced that it had set policies that would allow it to purchase the “matching” amount of renewable energy that matches with its usage of electricity and it was getting towards that goal.

What the business meant by “matching” was described by Google’s Senior Vice President for Technical Infrastructure, Urs Hölzle in a blog post on Wednesday. The company purchased one kilowatt hour of renewable energy from renewable sources such as from a solar or wind farm that had been especially built to serve Google’s needs, for every kilowatt hour of electricity that was used by the cop-any the company 2017.

There are no large corporate that purchase more renewable energy from any source than Google, Hölzle said and added that the company now possessed contracts for the purchase of 3 gigawatts of output from renewable energy projects. He added that more than $3 billion in investments in new capital across a number of renewable projects were made during 2017 because of the contracts for renewable energy that Google had entered into.

“We say that we “matched” our energy usage because it’s not yet possible to “power” a company of our scale by 100 percent renewable energy,” Hölzle explained.

“It’s true that for every kilowatt-hour of energy we consume, we add a matching kilowatt-hour of renewable energy to a power grid somewhere,” he added. “But that renewable energy may be produced in a different place, or at a different time, from where we’re running our data centers and offices.”
Google was helping in addition of “new clean energy sources to the electrical system” and this was more important for Google, he said and added that it is also important that Google continues to purchase renewable energy from multiple sources at the same quantity that it is making use of both on a yearly basis as well as for its operations globally.

For the pourpose of purchasing more renewable energy, more contracts would be signed by Google, Hölzle said as a forward-looking statement.

Big, ambitious projects are being lined up by a number of technology businesses that are seeking to completely go green with their operations which includes the search engine giant. The start of operation of the largest wind firm ever was announced by Amazon last October.

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