150 million of Under Armour’s MyFitnessPal account hacked

Fitness apparel maker Under Armour acquired MyFitnessPal for $475 million in in 2015. It has now issued an alert on its website urging users to change their password immediately, as it monitors and works with law enforcement and data security firms to secure its systems.

In a cyber attack that resulted in the leak of data for Under Armour Inc’s 150 million MyFitnessPal diet and fitness app accounts, the firm said the breach occurred in February 2018.

With the news reaching the market, the athletic apparel maker’s shares were down by 3%.

As a result of the cyber attack, data, including user names, email addresses and scrambled passwords for Under Armour’s popular MyFitnessPal mobile app and website were compromised.

Significantly, hackers were not able to gain access to Social Security numbers, driver license numbers and payment card data of Under Armour’s clients.

According to SecurityScorecard, given the number of records that were compromised, the attack is the largest data breach so far this year.

Although Under Armour did not provide any details as to how the hackers were able to get into its network as well as pull the data without getting caught, it said it is working with a law enforcement agency as well as data security firms.

The athletic apparel maker has put out an alert on its website that requires MyFitnessPal users to change their passwords immediately.

“We continue to monitor for suspicious activity and to coordinate with law enforcement authorities,” said Under Armour while adding it was in the process of strengthening its systems to prevent unauthorized access to user information.

Under Armour had started notifying users of the breach on Thursday, four days after it first learned of the hacking incident.


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