Global Sale Of Artificial Intelligence-Driven Hardware To Reach $115 Billion By 2025: Tractica Report

There are many companies that are now engaged more and more in a race in the market where that deals with manufacturing of perfect hardware for accelerating applications using artificial intelligence.

A new market research report from Tractica claims that significant progress has been made in compute – one of the three key parts of hardware infrastructure, in the last few years, the other two elements are networking, and storage. The report states that major innovations relating to AI applications are yet to made in the areas of storage and networking and they are lagging behind in this aspect. But the report says that new products in these two areas will start to emerge which would be specifically designed for AI in the next few years as more research and development (R&D) will be made in these two areas.

By 2025, there will be a growth in the total global market for AI-driven hardware and software infrastructure as the revenues generated would reach $115.4 billion from about $3.5 billion in 2016, claims the Tractica report.

The report also identifies six key segments for the industry which include cloud infrastructure, servers, storage, PC cards, PC workstations and networking products.

A majority of the sales for the market would be accounted for by cloud infrastructure and AI servers segment in the near future and these two segments would be the largest in the industry according to the report from the market intelligence firm.

“There are many innovations taking place in AI hardware infrastructure,” says principal analyst Anand Joshi. “The opportunity is being pursued by a diverse group of companies and the outcome of this race could have a big impact on the market landscape. Today, cloud service providers are providing the best value by combining many AI software and hardware options at a low price and these providers have figured out the best way to monetize AI technology. As AI workloads become commonplace, innovations in storage and networking will lead to a more specialized infrastructure for AI.”

Market dynamics, technology issues, and business opportunities surrounding AI hardware infrastructure are examined in the report published by Tractica’s which is titled “Artificial Intelligence Hardware and Software Infrastructure”. The report also makes forecasts for the industry between the period 2013 and 2025.

Hardware unit shipments, average selling prices, and revenue forms the basis of the market forecast by segment in the report. 16 key industry players are also profiled in the report.

Focused on research for human interaction with technology, market intelligence firm Tractica regularly publishes forecast reports on various market segments.

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