Apple developing its own MicroLED screens

In the long term, the development is likely to effects Apple’s suppliers including, Samsung Electronics Co, LG Display Co, Japan Display Inc, Sharp Corp and Synaptics Inc.

As per a Bloomberg report, Apple Inc is said to be developing its own MicroLED device displays and has already produced a small numbers of these MicroLED screens for testing purposes.

According to this report, Cupertino is in the process of developing next-gen MicroLED screens at a plant in California.

Code named T159, this secret project is overseen by Lynn Youngs, who also oversees Cupertino’s iPhone and Apple Watch screen technology, reported Bloomberg citing sources familiar with the matter at hand.

Apple will showcase MicroLED screens in its wearable technology products first, before it appears on its other devices.

Apple could not be immediately reached for comment.

MicroLED screens are flat panel displays that are less power hungry, are thinner and brighter in comparison to existing OLED displays.

It is likely that it will take at least 3 to 5 years for the technology to gestate and mature before it can reach retailers since MicroLED screens are more difficult to produce than the current OLED displays.

Apple currently sources its screens from companies such as Samsung Electronics Co, LG Display Co, Japan Display Inc, and Sharp Corp

In 2017, Dialog Semiconductor Plc had acknowledged that Apple could develop its own power chips.

The development is also likely to impact Apple’s suppliers including Synaptics Inc, which makes chips that are used in touchscreen technology.

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