Uber Technologies in talks with Toyota Motors on installing its self-driving tech in Toyota’s minivans

Toyota Motors, an investor in, is reportedly in discussions with Uber Technologies to quicken the pace of bringing autonomous automated driving to the mass market.

On Friday, Japan’s Nikkei reported, without citing any sources, that Uber Technologies is in the process of negotiating the installation of its self-driving system in Toyota Motor Co’s minivan vehicles.

The development assumes importance since it shows Uber seeking to sell its autonomous driving technology to outside companies.

Uber’s CEO Dara Khosrowshahi had met with Toyota executives in the United States earlier this week.

Although Toyota is developing its own self-driving technology is has stated it is open to collaboration with other firms so as to quicken the pace to bring the technology to the market. Incidentally, it has an existing partnership with Uber on ride-hailing and development of self-driving systems.

“We regularly exchange information about automated driving with Uber for some time now,” said Uber’s spokeswoman.

Tech companies and automakers are in a race to bring autonomous self-driving vehicles cars to the market upending the traditional business model of car ownership and personal transportation.


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