Study Shows Getting Health Info In Europe Getting Changed By Voice Assistant Technology

A new study from DRG Digital | Manhattan Research shows that the manner in which patients and physicians look out for and find medical information in Europe is to be changed drastically by voice assistant programs and voice search.

Doctors and patients are surprisingly the early users of this technology in Europe and there is strong and growing demand of the technology-based devices for their medicinal purposes, finds analysis of the data from Manhattan Research surveys.

The study shows that voice assistants in medial work is used or intended to be used by more than half (56%) of EU5 physicians. The study further claims that voice assistants are already sued by 17% of that number in among EU5 physicians. While 2 in 3 for clinical practice makes use of Apple’s Siri, half of the physicians using voice assistants make use of the Google Assistant. About 27% of the doctors make use of Amazon’s Alexa which is the third most popular of the voice assistants.

Physicians and doctors using voice assistants in clinical practice was particularly high in southern Europe market – in countries like Spain, where the study found that the technology is used by 1 in 4 (24%) physicians.

While there is still modest demand for voice search among consumers or patients, the study finds that the demand is strong. Interest of making use of voice assistants to scourge for health data was expressed by 45% of European adults who regularly come online. In contrast, smartphones are used much less as a device for conducting voice search, finds the study with only 1 in 4 European smartphone users doing so. Among these users, 1 in 4 have said that they are increasingly making use of voice commands for online searching instead of typing.

“This is an important trend for healthcare marketers in Europe to keep an eye on,” said Gintare Greenfeld, Senior Analyst at DRG Digital, “because voice search queries have a longer tail than typed keywords and are different in nature, demanding new SEO strategies.”

“Physicians the world over are digitally-savvy gadget fans and tinkerers,” commented Jeff Wray, Director, Europe and APAC Research, DRG Digital. “So it’s not a total shock that many European physicians are already using these technologies as time-savers. We expect to see adoption increase over the next few years, and healthcare marketers, including pharmas, will need to adjust to this reality swiftly.”

DRG Digital has recently attempted to augment its European operations with the appointment of two top honchos at its London office. The appointments would add strength to European accounts and research which would include Manhattan Research surveys of patients, physicians and payers.

“With these appointments and our presence in Barcelona this week, we’re expanding our European research offering,” said Fabien Savenay, Senior Vice President for Digital at DRG, “and we stand ready to help our clients in pharma, biotech, digital health and medical publishing better differentiate their products and engage their customers in these key markets using rich data-driven insights.”

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