Does More Need To Be Done To Keep Children Away From Adult Content By Video Streaming Platforms?

Despite the new and innovative efforts to prevent adult content from reaching children by platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube, there are questions being raised about whether the efforts are adequate enough.

The wide range of movie collections and TV shows for kids has made that are available with the video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube have made them very popular with children of all ages. And in order to enable children to only access those content that are meant for them when they open the apps, these platforms often resort to putting children’s contents separately in a different category, parental locks to other contents are provided and separate profiles are set up.

For example, adult related content is kept isolated in different profiles from children for whom there is a separate Kids profile option at Netflix. That profile allows children to only access content that is appropriate for them or for children of their age group. But the option to keep a profile locked with the password is not provided by it. this presents a chance for children to look into other profiles by chance. It is here that the platform’s efforts at providing a new PIN protection feature for accessing specific movies and series can come to aid at Netflix. With this 4-digit pin, it would be possible for parents to keep children out of content that is inappropriate for them. This would help parents to ensure control about what their children can watch or not watch on Netflix. However, this can be of help only when t heh parents themselves are active on Netflix and know that such a block options exists.

And for specific series or film, maturity level ratings are displayed more prominently by Netflix so that it is easier for parents to become aware of the content nature. Parents thus would come to know the what a movie might would show before anyone starts to watch it. it but it would not be about a few months that app and web users of Netflix would be able to use the feature.

The Settings section in Amazon’s Prime Video has the option called Parental Controls. Parents would be able to block access of certain content that they feel inappropriate for children on Prime Video thus granting them better granular control over content. This is possible with the 5-digit pin. Therefore, if there is a 10-year old boy at home with access to Prime Video, parents would be able to shield inappropriate content from the child. The content appropriate for children would only be available while those inappropriate can be locked by the PIN.

YouTube can be another huge problem for parents with kids at home. This video streaming platform presents two choices for parents who can either install the YouTube Kids app for locking up the primary YouTube app with a password. This will not allow children to access the locked content. On the other hand, there is limited content on YouTube Kids and additionally most are related to education or other useful videos for children. Therefore, the primary app can be used for child viewing. Restrictions on the primary can also be imposed by parents by enabling the Restricted mode in Settings->General section of the app. However, this facility does not have lock option on the Restricted mode and therefore can be changed by anyone which can include children.

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