Snapdragon Mobile Platform’s Artificial Intelligence Capabilities Being Powered By AI Engine Of Qualcomm

The on-device AI-enabled user experiences on some specific Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile platforms would be enhanced as Qualcomm Technologies has launched its Qualcomm Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engine. This engine is composed of a number of hardware and software components to enhance user experience. The Snapdragon 845 mobile platforms would have the cutting-edge on-device AI processing while Snapdragon 845, 835, 820 and 660 mobile platforms would be able to access enhanced user experience by AI Engine.

AI-powered user experiences can be achieved with improved overall performance and with or without a network connection by eh maximization of intelligence on client devices that lie on the edge of the network. Increased reliability, enhanced privacy and real time responsiveness are the most important benefits of on-device AI.

“On-device AI demands multiple hardware architectures, software tools, and frameworks to meet developer demand and performance thresholds for the myriad of AI-powered features and apps arriving on smartphones this year,” said Gary Brotman, director of product management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “The AI Engine capabilities of select Snapdragon mobile platforms have and will continue to fuel AI innovation among our OEMs and ecosystem partners, and are engineered to accelerate the development and delivery of rich, seamless and compelling features for consumers.”

The AI Engine components on Snapdragon mobile platforms have been put to use by a number of smartphone manufacturers to increase the speed of AI applications on such devices suing it. those companies include Xiaomi, OnePlus, vivo, OPPO, Motorola, ASUS, ZTE, Nubia, Smartisan and Blackshark.

Developers of AI software are creating and delivering purpose-built use cases that are fit for use on Snapdragon mobile platforms. A number of applications such as single camera bokeh, face unlock, and scene detection are offered by SenseTime and Face++ which run on an assortment of pre-trained neural networks that are used by features of smartphone image and camera. Snapdragon customers are offered single camera and dual camera algorithm by ArcSoft. The firm is also working to further develop AI user experiences. For AI vision use cases and devices, a number of excellent solutions are offered by Thundercomm. Optimized models that would be able to detect and recognize people, vehicle and license plate is provided by Uncanny Vision. These are but just a few of the AI software companies that regularly make use of components of the Qualcomm AI Engine to enhance the operations of their AI models and the resultant user experiences.

For Snapdragon-based smartphones, AI feature and applications have also been optimized by cloud leaders. the popular Mobile QQ social platform called High Energy Dance Studio of Tencent recently launched a new feature that is aimed for better engagement. The frame rates of a popular game are accelerated by the use of AI Engine components by the Mobile QQ application for Android. Further, complete support to Qualcomm AI Engine and its ecosystem is being planned by Baidu.

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