Google Pay App Can Be Used On Any Android Smartphone Supporting NFC

Users can now make payments at retail stores with the use of any android run smartphone with NFC support by Google’s new payment app.

The app, called Google Pay, can be downloaded free of charge but is only now available in the US and the UK.

A number of characteristics of the current Android Pay and Google Wallet are combined to create the new app. Money between friends and contacts can be sent and received by Google Wallet while Android Pay can be used for paying at some retail outlets just like Samsung Pay or Apple Pay.

The next update from Google would shift the users of Android Pay app to Google Pay. The close integration of Google Pay with other Google apps differentiates it from the predecessors and makes it more relevant. This essentially means that other Google apps such as Chrome, Play Store or even Google Assistant can be used by users to access the new app. For example, if a user is browsing a movie site on chrome, the user can make payments from Chrome itself with the help of the Google Pay interface there. On the other hand, Google Assistant can be used by users to access the app for a quick payment at a retail store.

Similar to Google cards in the Google app, all the options of Google Pay would be shown on cards.  At the top, all the credit cards that have bene saved by a user would be showed. A list of nearby stores that accept Google Pay, gift cards and rewards would then follow. Those would be followed by a history of recent purchases so that users are able to check their spending.

No details of the cards would be shared during payment by Google Pay. The merchant will be shared a unique encrypted number generated by the system – just as in the Samsung Pay app.

Because of the characteristic that Google Pay is not attached to any specific OEM but can be used on any Android smartphone which supports NFC or near field communications and this makes Google Pay somewhat different compared to Samsung Pay or Apple Pay. A high frequency wireless network is created that links a smartphone and a nearby machine when the two are placed close to each other for making a payment with the use of NFC.

But as of now, the app is yet to be launched at places outside of the UK and the US. Google Pay however can be used at only those retail stores that would accept it to be payment option as well as devices that supports NFC. However, for the wider market, google Pay would potentially be out of reach for most because NFC supportable smartphone mainly can be found in the mid- and high-end segment.

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