Australia welcomes Britain joining the TPP once it leaves the European Union

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop made it lucidly clear that in any such deal, Australia would want to secure the rights for its citizens to work in Britain.

On Monday, Julie Bishop, Australia’s Foreign Minister stated it would welcome Britain’s participation in the regional trade group, Trans-Pacific Partnership, after March 31, 2019.

Earlier this year, British trade minister Liam Fox had shown interest in joining the TPP and had said it was an option for the country, although at that point of time it was too early to talks of any plans of signing up with the 11-nation group.

“We would of course welcome interest from an economy the size of Britain‘s,” sad Bishop.

The 11 member TPP countries, which include, Australia, Mexico, Japan and Canada, are due to sign an agreement in March.

Australia is keen to pursue a bilateral free trade agreement with Britain as soon as it could, said Bishop.

“I believe that, post Brexit, there will be enormous opportunities to engage more closely in trade and investment,” said Bishop. “When the circumstances are right, when the timing is right, Australia would be keen to pursue a free trade agreement with the United Kingdom. High quality, comprehensive, gold standard.”

Significantly, Bishop let it be known as Australia would want to secure the rights for its citizens to work in Britain, as part of any such deal.

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