Amazon to expand its footprint in France, will create 2000 permanent jobs in the country

Amazon has 5 logistics centers in France. It now plans on opening a 142,000-square-foot delivery warehouse later this year. The ramping up of investments in its infrastructure and services in the country along with the settling of long-running taxes with French tax authorities, are a pointer to the strategic role France is to play in its European operations.

On Thursday, stated it will create 2,000 permanent contract positions in France in 2018, its largest market in Europe after Britain and Germany.

The increase in headcount will bring Amazon’s total number of permanent staff in France to 7,500 in 2018 and reflects a growing confidence in the French economy.

The world’s biggest e-commerce retailer has invested more than 2 billion euros since 2010.

Incidentally, earlier this month, Amazon settled a long running dispute with French tax regulators who had been seeking around 200 million euros as taxes.

The U.S. giant has been steadily expanding its footprint in France and runs its Amazon Prime Now express delivery service in Paris since 2016. It already has 5 logistics centers nationwide and plans on opening a 142,000-square-foot delivery warehouse later this year.

As per Frederic Duval,’s General Manager for France, stated he would “love it” if Amazon would expand Prime Now to other French cities without elaborating whether there is any plan to do so.

Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods in the U.S has fanned speculation that it could target the European food and supermarket sector next.

Incidentally, Carrefour, Europe’s top retailer, has announced it plans on cutting 2,400 jobs in France to boost investment and profitability; it is also seeking to partner with China’s Tencent to battle Amazon in France.


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