IBM sues Lindsay-Rae McIntyre for breach of 1 year non-competitive agreement

Lindsay-Rae McIntyre has been barred from joining Microsoft, pending a court review of the lawsuit.

On Tuesday, International Business Machines (IBM) Corp sued Lindsay-Rae McIntyre, a former executive alleging violations of its 1-year non-competitive agreement.

Over the weekend McIntyre was named by Microsoft Corp as its new chief diversity officer.

According to documents that were filed, as part of the lawsuit, on Monday, IBM stated McIntyre who “abruptly resigned to compete against IBM,” was in possession of highly confidential and sensitive information about IBM’s diversity strategies, hiring targets, technologies and innovations.

McIntyre was not reachable for comment.

Microsoft was not immediately available for comment outside regular business hours.

As per a report by Bloomberg, Judge Vincent Briccetti has temporarily barred McIntyre from joining Microsoft.

In its complaint, IBM complained that McIntyre was using and disclosing, intentionally or otherwise, sensitive and confidential information that would it at a competitive disadvantage.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she was the VP of human resources as well as the company’s chief diversity officer.

Through this complaint, IBM stated it seeks to enforce McIntyre’s non-competition agreement for the 12-month period as well as recover the equity compensation she has forfeited by “violating her contractual duties” to the firm.

Bloomberg’s report, citing her lawyers, state McIntyre will not be able to use IBM’s diversity-related trade secrets at Microsoft in her new role at the company as it is of no use to them.


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