New Addition To Business Jet Industry – One Which Can Take Off Like A Helicopter

The industry of business jets holds much more to offer other than the notion that it is just an indulgence of the global elite. This is being exhibited a very new company into this industry.

Touted to be the first of its kind in the world, the Starling Jet is a hybrid-electric business aircraft which has the ability of take off and land vertically just lie a helicopter. Disaster recovery and as an ambulance are the other potential usages of the aircraft apart from providing a means of personalized transportation to the individuals with a lot of wealth.

The three-engine aircraft has space for seating arrangement of up to 10 people and has been developed by Samad Aerospace, a U.K. start-up and was displayed and unveiled at this week’s Singapore Airshow. The aircraft would make use of only electric energy while it is taking off or landing and would make use of diesel for propulsion of its turbofan engine when it is in cruising mode at high altitudes.

While its designers had the humanitarian angle in mind, the primary and the biggest target market for the Starling is the business community, Samad Aerospace CEO Seyed Mohseni told the media at the airshow

For those people in need of a helicopter or business jet for civil, commercial or humanitarian reasons, a faster and cheaper alternative tan many other options would be offered by this new jest, said the company’s CEO. The craft was described as “safer than a car, as environmentally friendly as an electric vehicle and as luxurious as a private jet” by him.

The CEO further noted that while the average range of flight for helicopters is about 500 kilometers, the average top speed of helicopters is about 300 miles per hour. Compared to this, the Starling can fly non-stop for 1500 miles and has a top speed of 460 miles per hour.

“It’s a big difference in capabilities,” he said.

According to a spokesperson of the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service which is also present at the airshow, the agency could be interested in making use of the Starling because the aircraft is capable to carry heavy payloads.

Delivery of supplies and the transportation of members of the humanitarian community to areas of crisis is conducted by the organization with the help of more than 70 chartered aircraft and helicopters.

The UAV Starling and e-Starling are also part of the fleet of Samad. However, these two crafts are completely electric powered and possess lower carrying capacity and flight range.

Mohseni said that customers in Asia, which includes a bank, a shipping company and an investment bank has placed orders one each for the Starling Jets and they are to be delivered in 2024.

He added that raising capital of $56 million is in the process currently by the company and the company also was given a grant of $70 million from the U.K. government.

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