Peugeot SA plans on launching EVs in the U.S.

Having acquired Opel from GM, Peugeot SA is now banking on the expertise of Opel’s engineers to surge back in the race of automated, autonomous self-driving vehicles.

In a significant development, Carlos Tavares, the CEO of French automaker Peugeot SA disclosed that it will capitalize on Opel’s engineering know-how to develop electric vehicles and re-enter the U.S. market by 2025.

Tavares disclosed these strategic plans which outlines Peugeot’s ambitious agenda to come into the front of the industry’s race to bring self-driving cars by 2020, at a speech at the Automotive News World Congress in Detroit.

Tavares plans on using the 2017 acquisition of GM’s European Opel and Vauxhall operations as the springboard for global expansion.

In his speech, Tavares said by 2025 “the PSA Group will be 100 percent electrified” and by 2030 80% of its offerings will have the ability to be autonomous under limited conditions while 10% will be capable of being fully autonomous.

Peugeot SA acquired GM’s European Opel operation following GM’s decision to divest its money-losing operation.

Tavares plans outline a 3-step process for re-establishing Peugeot in the U.S. market and compete with GM on its home turf.

Incidentally, Peugeot has already begun offering ride services in the U.S. through its Free2Move brand, using cars of other companies.

Stating that “Mobility…is at the heart of our strategic plan,” Tavares made it clear that Opel’s engineers can “ensure the future products for this market will be fully U.S. compliant” not just from a regulatory standpoint but feature stylish ‘aplomb’, said Tavares.

Further, Peugeot will also soon announce a deal which ramps up with manufacturing capacity in Southeast Asia.


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