Airbus sees itself taking a leadership role in airplane in 2020

Although it lags slightly behind its peer, Boeing, citing its record backlog, Airbus sees itself delivering more planes than its rival in 2020.

On Monday, Airbus stated it is just three years away from gaining a leadership role in the commercial aircraft market by producing more aircrafts than its peer Boeing.

Having disclosed the number of orders received as well as deliveries in 2017, Airbus’ Chief Operating Officer and president, Fabrice Bregier stated he was willing to bet that Airbus would deliver more planes than Boeing in 2020, hinting that the planemaker has a record backlog.

As for 2018, Bregier forecast accelerating deliveries which is set to reach 800 aircrafts per year, up by 8% from the previous year.

In 2017, Airbus delivered 718 jets while Boeing delivered 763.

Bregier also expressed his confidence that Pratt & Whitney, its engine maker, will be able to keep up with the production schedule having suffered a series of delays previously.


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