Miami-Based Immunity Inc. To Be Acquired By Cyxtera

Privately-held Immunity Inc would be acquired by Cyxtera Technologies, the secure infrastructure company. Announced of the signing of an agreement to this effect was made by the company on Wednesday.

Offense-oriented systems vulnerability research¸ exploit development and penetration testing services is the main focus of Miami-based Immunity. The company was founded in 2002. The real-world approach to vulnerability assessments of the company is also well known in the industry.

The expertise of the experienced tea of Immunity would be used by Cyxtera throughout the global infrastructure platform and customer base of the later and include the former’s offerings in its portfolio after the completion of the deal. It is expected that the deal would be close down in the present quarter.

Global 2,000 companies and government agencies are the primary clients of Immunity’s products and services. Immunity has managed to differentiate itself from the rest of the market by its focus on offense-oriented techniques and technologies in comparison to rivals who concentrate only on defensive security postures in their service or product lines.

“We know the team at Cyxtera well and are excited to take this next step to expand our reach and resources,” said chief executive officer of Immunity Dave Aitel. “We’re proud to be joining forces, where our combined capabilities will help Cyxtera further its vision of delivering a secure infrastructure platform.”

In addition to offering specialized security products created to help in the lookout for challengers, testing, assessment and consulting services also form part of Immunity’s business lines. Infiltrate – which is an annual technical conference that is dedicated completely to  offense and counter-offense security issues is also owned by the company.

“In the security industry, it’s rare that you can blend together offense and defense-oriented capabilities,” said Christopher Day, chief cybersecurity officer of Cyxtera. “The advantages of combining Immunity’s products and services with Cyxtera’s portfolio creates an opportunity to approach cybersecurity in a truly holistic manner. The expertise developed in both companies is highly complementary; it will strengthen our ability to help customers better secure their infrastructure.”

There are certain benefits to Cystera customer from the acquisition of Immunity.  They would gain access to wide range of services portfolio that would address the complete cyber-attack lifecycle.

“We’re pleased to welcome Immunity to the Cyxtera family,” said Manuel D. Medina, chief executive officer of Cyxtera. “They bring a world-renowned team and an exceptional set of capabilities to our organization, which will help us not only extend our existing cybersecurity offerings, but also help harden and augment our entire portfolio and global data center platform.”

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