Intel creates “Intel Product Assurance and Security” to mitigate vulnerabilities in its chips

In an increasingly digital world, cyber criminals exploit vulnerabilities to gain access to critical resources to carry out their nefarious deeds.

A Oregonian newspaper reported citing a memo sent by Intel Corp to its employees, that the chipmaker plans on creating a new internal cybersecurity group in the wake of recently disclosed vulnerabilities in its chips.

As per the report, the new group, headed by Leslie Culberstone, Intel’s human resources chief who has worked in the company since 1979, will be called “Intel Product Assurance and Security”.

“It is critical that we continue to work with the industry, to excel at customer satisfaction, to act with uncompromising integrity, and to achieve the highest standards of excellences,” Brian Krzanich, Intel’s CEO, wrote in the internal memo.

Intel declined to comment on the report.

Krzanich has also appointed Steve Smith, Intel’s Vice President, to the newly formed group, and has assigned several top executives to the group as well.

The changes would be effective immediately.


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