Nvidia Corp consolidates and expands its position in the self-driving technology chip market

By expanding its partnerships with companies involved across the supply chain of the self-driving car market, Nvidia is rapidly expanding its footprint in this emerging segment.

Aimed at increasing its footprint in the emerging autonomous vehicle industry, Nvidia Corp stated it will partner with Volkswagen AG and Uber Technologies Inc to bring about further gains in artificial intelligence platforms in the autonomous vehicle industry.

Nvidia already partners with carmakers including China’s Baidu and Tesla and wants to expand its market of graphic chips into self-driving car technology.

AT the CES tech conference in Las Vegas, Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang told the audience, Uber’s self-driving car fleet was using Nvidia technology to help its autonomous cars perceive the world and make split-second decisions.

Since 2016 ever since Uber deployed its autonomous fleet of vehicles in Phoenix and Pittsburgh, its fleet has been using Nvidia’s GPU technology.

Uber’s ambitions on autonomous driving technology is however facing strong headwinds following the filing of a lawsuit in San Francisco by Google’s Waymo concerning alleged theft of trade secrets.

Nvidia has however disclosed that the development of Uber’s self-driving program has pushed ahead with its vehicles registering one million autonomous miles in just 100 days.

With regard to its partnership with Volkswagen, Nvidia stated it was focusing on infusing its AI technology into the automakers’ future lineup, using its new Drive IX platform, which will enable the so-called “intelligent co-pilot” capabilities based on processing sensor data inside and outside the car.

Nearly 320 companies, involved in the self-driving car supply chains, ranging from automakers, their suppliers, software developers, sensors and mapping companies, are using Nvidia Drive, said Nvidia Corp in a statement.

The graphics giant further stated that it expects to deliver its Xavier processors to its customers this quarter.

The Xavier line of processors, has an architecture of system on a chip (SOC) and delivers 30 trillion operations per second using only 30 watts of power.

Expectations of Nvidia becoming a leader in chips for self-driving car technology, artificial intelligence and data centers have more than doubled its stock price in the last 1 year.


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