Hiring Tactics Need To Be Changed By Employers Due To Talent Shortage, Says A U.S. Survey

According to 65 percent of CFOs who participated in a recent survey, they find it somewhat difficult to find put and identify adequately skilled and qualified workers that would fit the present job vacancies.

The survey, which was carried out by staffing firm RobertHalf, also concluded that adequate recruitment has become difficult in relation to many professional occupations and recruiters do not have access to top talents. The survey noted that the rate of unemployment among college-educated workers is around 2%.

“With skilled professionals in short supply, hiring strategies that worked well a few years ago may no longer be effective,” said Paul McDonald, senior executive director for Robert Half. “Smart businesses are retooling their recruiting practices to feed the talent pipeline.”

While 51 percent of CFOs are enhancing their search area geographically for top talent that can recruit, around the same number also said that they are seriously thinking of opening up certain job profiles for entry level candidates even though such jobs would not be available at the entry level historically. Loosening of the job criteria, reducing the time of the recruitment process and recruiting professionals on an interim basis are among the other strategies that are being talked about.

The survey presented a number of suggestions and strategies for recruiters and employers. Recruiters need to re-evaluate their hiring criteria. Employers need to identify those necessary skills that can be imparted through on the job training.

Companies also need to speed up their recruitment process. Those days of waiting for responses from skilled candidates after posting an ad in a newspaper are gone. Recruiters need to have their eyes open for talent at all times. Recruiters need to exhibit the job opportunities at their companies at prospective candidate gatherings

Remote options also need to be considered by the recruiters, according to the survey. Serious consideration should be given to remote working is the nature of job allows that because this flexibility could also turn out to be an attractive option for professionals.

Further, to ensure that companies get some access to assured candidates, partnerships with a recruiter has also been suggested.

The survey further suggests that companies and recruiters should also pay serious heed to employee referrals and leverage such references. Employees should be encouraged to come up with adequate references of professionals that are known to them and who can be good additions to the team. Implementing such a referral can turn out to be a powerful recruiting tool, the survey says.

The survey was conducted over a series of telephone interviews and over 2,200 CFOs from a stratified random sample of companies participated. The CFOs worked in over 20 of the largest U.S. metropolitan areas.

(Adapted from Prnewswire.com)


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