Samsung Electronics Co Ltd releases world’s smallest DRAM chip

The South Korean giant plans on shifting over the bulk of its chip production to this new 10-nanometre class in 2018 that is widely expected to be adopted in high data crunching areas including cloud computing, high-end smartphones, and GPUs.

On Wednesday, in a development that widens Samsung Electronics Co’s technical lead over its peers, the South Korean conglomerate stated it has developed the world’s smallest DRAM chip.

Its “second-generation” 10-nanometre class, 8-gigabit DRAM chips which features improved energy efficiency and data processing performance caters to the premium segment of the market – cloud computing servers, high speed graphics cards, and mobile devices that require data-crunching electronics.

Significantly, Samsung, a global leader in the computer chip industry, smartphones and TV sets, said it would transition its existing DRAM productions to its new 10-nano chips in 2018.

This “aggressive” production expansion would “accommodate strong market demand,” said Gyoyoung Jin, president of Memory Business at Samsung Electronics.

With a new generation of top managers at its helm at three of its vertical business streams, in late October Samsung disclosed it will focus on consolidating its position in the market rather than expand chip shipments.


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