Ford fine tunes its car strategy, to produce more fuel efficient SUVs

Ford’s strategy is woven around consumer feedback and the growing demand for autonomous automated vehicles.

Jim Hackett, Ford’s CEO, revealed that the firm is reviewing its product portfolio since consumers have shown a preference for SUVs which have fuel efficiencies closer to sedans.

At a Ford event in Detroit, Hackett said although in the past SUVs were not fuel efficient, “we’re starting to crack that code”.

These measures come in the backdrop of Ford conducting an annual review of its product portfolio.

Hackett did not publicly address any specific issue.

Significantly, Ford has hinted that it may to stop the production of its mid-size Fusion sedans for North America which it builds at a plant in Mexico, said sources familiar with Ford’s communications with suppliers.

Earlier, Ford had announced its plan of shifting its car manufacturing from Mexico to China. However, on Thursday it stated it would relocate its autonomous and electric vehicle units to Detroit from Dearborn, Michigan.

“The relocation brings together Ford teams that are creating new business models in a resurgent, diverse neighborhood with industrial roots”, said Ford.

According to the company, the new facility, led by Sherif Marakby – Ford’s vice president of autonomous vehicles and electrification, located in the Corktown neighborhood would be up and running early 2018.

Ford is scheduled to begin testing its latest self-driving vehicle technology in 2018.


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