Rolls Royce to be more productive and innovative thanks to its data unit

The firm’s R2 Data Labs will use a wide array of tools, including AI, machine learning and analytics to push for innovation and growth across its businesses.

In what is likely to be a milestone for Rolls-Royce, the firm has created a data unit, R2 Data Labs, that uses artificial intelligence, analytics and machine learning to improve efficiency across its marine, civil, power systems, defense aerospace and nuclear businesses.

As per Neil Crockett, Rolls-Royce’s Chief digital officer, its data unit would deliver a “step change” in its capability and will enable it to work more closely with its clients.

“R2 Data Labs will tap into expertise from across a wide data and analytics supply chain, building a diverse community of data innovators: including OEM partners, niche start-ups, academics, and a broad range of other trusted third-parties,” said Crockett.

In November, Rolls-Royce had said it would collaborate with Indian technology firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) on building a new digital platform that will enable it develop new products in a faster manner, one of the key objectives of Warren East’s, Rolls-Royce’s CEO, turnaround plan.


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