General Motors to launch its Marketplace platform in its dashboard

A car’s dashboard is now becoming the new marketplace and will compete with your smartphone, tablet and laptop for your taps and clicks.

On Tuesday, General Motors stated it will equip its newer cars with e-commerce technology built-in to its dashboard.

As a result, drivers of its future product line will have the ability to find fuel pump, charging stations, order food and even reserve hotel rooms by simply tapping on-screen icons instead of using their smartphones while driving.

GM plans on introducing this technology, developed in collaboration with IBM, in all of its cars whose model years are 2017 and above. As a result, nearly 4 million vehicles across its product line ranging from, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC and Buick will have the capability across the U.S. by the end of 2018, said GM.

As per Santiago Chamorro, GM vice president for global connected customer experience, the company will receive a certain amount of revenue from merchants from its in-dash Marketplace.

Chamorro underscored the fact that consumers will neither be charged for using the service nor will they be charged for ransmitting data to and fro from the car while making transactions.

“This platform is financed by the merchants,” said Chamorro. GM will get paid for placing a merchant’s application on its screens, and “there’s some level of revenue sharing” based on each transaction, he said.

When asked how much revenue GM is expected to raise from this marketplace, Chamorro said its too early to say so.

GM’s Marketplace will compete for customer clicks with hand-held smartphones, which offer a far richer array of applications than GM’s Marketplace, at the outset.

Incidentally, is also partnering with automakers, including Ford Motor Co, to offer in-car e-commerce capability through its Alexa personal assistant system.

To counter Amazon’s strategy, Chamorro said, “We will be adding more vendors”, with some expected to appear in the first quarter of 2018.

In addition, Chamorro also revealed that GM plans on integrating news, music and other services into its Marketplace as well.

Customers can “expect to see more service promotions coming through the platform,” said Chamorro.

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