Maserati Aiming To Re-Imagine The Customer Experience With The Aid Of Accenture Interactive

With the intention of extending Maserati’s brand equity around the globe, increase sale globally, and enhancement of customer experience across all of its digital channels for Maserati customers, the premium luxury vehicle manufacturer has roped in Accenture to help its digital channels with its Accenture Interactive package, announced the global IT company recently.

Using the Accenture Interactive program, Maserati aims to gain from its analytical services, as the IT package would manage the automaker’s digital campaigns, strategy for its digital brand expansion, digital advertising and production of digital content, and will be operated from Maserati’s global experience agency. While the automaker attempts to hold on to its sophistication, elegance and style, the aim of Maserati from this exercise is to capitalize on Maserati’s investments that support and enhance the end-to-end customer experience while on its digital platform.

There has been enhanced sale of the new Quattroporte, Ghibli and Levante models of Maserati, which, in the last five years, has propelled the sale growth of the automaker, with contributions to growth across all of its product line.

The end-to-end creative data driven marketing, analytics of the digital data gathered and management of the digital performance abilities that are at the core of Maserati’s business would be enhanced and added on to by Accenture Interactive. This will also help all of the departments of the company to be customer centric in addition to the sales or customer service sections.

Following this, Accenture Interactive will also create a new personalized digital content and advertisement campaign on the online medium that would be able to engage customers and visitors in addition to providing deep insights for aiding to Maserati create a learn from, and help in better customization of every customer experience.

“We are proud of our reputation for delivering a superior customer experience, yet we’re still committed to improving every interaction we have with current and potential customers,” said Jacob Nyborg, Maserati’s head of marketing. “High-quality brand experiences change the nature of our relationships in a positive way, and we want to engage with our customers across all channels, from media to after-sales, in more meaningful ways. That’s why we selected Accenture Interactive; they have the capabilities to manage our customer touchpoints holistically so we can deliver great experiences that build consistent, seamless and authentic interactions with our discerning customers.”

Karmarama, the creative agency of Accenture Interactive, would also contribute in the initiative as a team from that agency would aid in data-driven marketing, digital delivery and creative services, to the Maserati effort.

“Progressive businesses like Maserati recognize that experience is the new battleground, with customers expecting integrated, human-centered experiences both digitally and in the real world,” said Anatoly Roytman, who leads Accenture Interactive in Europe, Africa and Latin America. “In our role as Maserati’s experience agency, we will move beyond the historical silos of business and marketing to create a horizontal and connected approach to creativity and develop remarkable customer experiences that drive business growth.

“The mandate from Maserati is clear: to use digital to help drive sales, and at the same time, build premium brand equity. We’re here to design a comprehensive marketing strategy designed to achieve both of these targets in a connected way, seeking the most creative and enduring customer experiences through the combination of data, content and innovative marketing technologies.”

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