For Canadians, The Key Elements For Leading A “Good Life” Are Health, Security, And Leisure, Finds A Study

A recent GfK research finds that maintaining a good and healthy life, accomplishing financial security and relishing the leisure time obtained are the three mantras for leading a “good life” for Canadians. These three factors were also highlighted to the top three that consumes across the world also seek.

In an online survey that involved 23,000 consumers in 17 countries, respondents were asked by the market insight firm GfK abouot their preferred choice of the factors that they feel would form an undeniable part of the so called “good life” that they seek. The respondents were asked to choose from 15 possible options or factors that influence a good life.

8 out of 10 or 82 percent of the respondents in Canada chose “good health” which was just a little over the global average of 78 percent.

Financial security was chosen by more than three-quarters or 77 percent of the Canadians which was significantly over the global average of 70 percent. And more than two thirds or 69 percent of the Canadian respondents choose “free time/leisure time” as their third most important factor for “good life” compared to the global average of 64 percent.

Factors or issues that were perceived to be important for a “good life” such as Children, college education, and spiritual enrichment were surprisingly given less importance by the respondents. Children got 49 percent votes from Canadian and 46 percent globally, college education was chosen by 24 percent Canadians and 23 percent globally and spiritual enrichment was chosen by 33 percent in Canada while 39 percent was the global average choice.

In Canada as well as globally, the younger people were more concerned about college education as being a greater influence for “good life” compared to the older ones. While 29 percent respondents globally chose college as a good life factor, 37 percent of Canadians chose this. In the age group of 20-29 years, this factor dropped to 25 percent and in the age group of 30-to-39, it was 21 percent and 22 percent for the older Canadians.

Other “good life” factors such as possessing “really nice clothes, accessories or jewelry”; “having the latest electronics or gadgets”; and “having a luxury or second car” were not very popular among older groups of Canadians generally.

The older aged people, in contrast, typically, choose “good health,” “financial security,” and “control over one’s own life” – for both Canadian and global respondents, compared to the younger respondents.

The countries that were included in the survey were Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, South Korea, Spain, UK and USA. For every market, the choice of respondents was so chosen that it reflected the demographic composition of the online population of over 15 years of age.

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