Ryanair Crew to Face Disciplinary Action If Sale Targets For Onboard Selling Of Perfume And Scratchcards Not Met

Ryanair cabin crew would be required to sell more of perfumes and scratchcards to on board passengers or face “disciplinary proceedings” and forced changes in their working hours, the crew have been warned.
There were allegations earlier that the airline staff were encouraged to sell products in exchange for bonuses, which have been denied by the airlines, saying that there were no pressures on securing specific sales targets.
In case there is a fall of average sales per flight “below budget”, there would be severe consequences for the concerned cabin crew, warned a letter to the crew sent by recruitment firms that supply staff to Ryanair.
The flight percentage where the cabin crew were unable to achieve the sales target were mentioned in the letter which also highlighted 10 products for sale that includes drinks, confectionery, cosmetics and scratchcards.
A fixed sales target was also indicated in the letter which also criticized the cabin crew for not meeting the sale of €50 (£45) of merchandise too often.
Almost identical wordings were used in the letters sent by two recruitment agencies – one among which is WorkForce International Contractors.
“This performance is not acceptable and it is clear that you are simply not doing your job on board,” the letters state, warning crew members they had “drastically underperformed”.
If crew members were unable to sell more good products, “further action will be taken and you may be subject to disciplinary proceedings”, thee letter said adding that the sale figures of the crew members were being “closely monitored”.
The function of cabin crew is “primarily for the safety of passengers”, according to Ryanair’s operational manual for cabin crew.
Earlier in the year, a memo had come to light in the public space from Ryanair which reportedly instructed the cabin crew to sell a certain number of meals, drinks and scratchcards or they have to provide an explanation about why they could not do so, and the airline had earlier denied such allegations.
Instead of working fixed working hours, crew members erring on meeting the targets would be forced to act as fillers for staff gaps at short notice by the airline, the new letter reportedly said, in addition to the threat of “disciplinary proceedings”.
A new pay and rostering deal which would allow cabin crew to work for five days and have three days off, was signed by Ryanair in 2015.
But cabin crew could be called in to work at random times on a weekly basis in case they failed to meet the sales target starting next month, as Ryanair said that the authorities had “no obligation” for offering the agreed schedule.
“Our client airline [Ryanair] will continue to offer favorable [sic] conditions including pay and roster agreements to our cabin crew, however this can only apply to those crew who contribute,” the letters said.
(Adapted from The Guardian)


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