Toyota to remain invested in hydrogen fuel cell technology

Toyota believes hydrogen powered fuel cells technology is cleaner than its current alternative electric battery powered technology.

Toyota Motor Corp has stated despite its “game changer” solid-state battery technology, currently under development, it will not give up on its hydrogen-powered fuel-cell vehicles.

Toyota has invested for fuel-cell battery technology vehicles and plug-in hybrids since many years now. In 2016, it surprised automakers by adding full-sized electric vehicles (EVs) to its line-up. In doing so, it has joined the global rush by automakers to bring more EVs into the market by 2020.

“We believe our solid-state battery technology can be a game changer with the potential to dramatically improve driving range,” said Didier Leroy, Toyota’s Executive Vice President at the Tokyo Motor Show, which opened to the media on Wednesday.

Toyota plans on rolling out new electric vehicle powered by solid state batteries by the early 2020s with the promise to reduce long charging times.

While China has heavily promoted electric cars, Japan has pioneered hydrogen-vehicle technology.

At the motor show, Toyota has introduced two new fuel-cell vehicles, including a six-seater “Fine-Comfort Ride” concept car, which has a cruising range of nearly 1,000 km (620 miles).

Ahead of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games that will be held in Tokyo, Toyota is likely to release a production version of the “Sora”, a bus powered by fuel cells.

It expects to sell at least 100 of them after its launch.


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