Model 3 In ‘Production Hell’ As Tesla Delays Big Rig Truck Debut

Tweeting that the electric vehicle maker was diverting resources to fix production bottlenecks of its new Model 3 sedan and to help Puerto Rico, Tesla Inc Chief Executive Elon Musk on Friday pushed back the unveiling of the company’s big rig truck until mid-November.

Echoing his own comments in July, when he showed off some of the first cars of that model, Musk said Tesla’s Model 3 was “deep in production hell”.

Tesla’s goal of becoming more of a mass market producer could be helped to be achieved by the production of Model 3. However, expectations about the speed of the increase in production have been tempered by recent comments.

The comments made by Musk was done after the close of stock trading on Friday. In extended trading, there was a fall of 0.8 percent in the shares of the company.

In the third quarter, 260 sedans were produced and just 220 Model 3 sedans were delivered by the Palo Alto, California-based company. the plan of the company was to produce more than 1,500 sedans in the same period.

In hurricane-hit Puerto Rico, where most residents remain without electricity, the company was diverting resources to increasing battery production to provide help, Musk also tweeted.

“Production bottlenecks” had left it behind the planned ramp-up for the Model 3, Tesla reported earlier this week.

Musk tweeted, “December will be a big month, so probably, but it is impossible to be certain right now”, in response to a Tesla customer asking if he would get his car delivered this year.

Production delays were added to because parts of Model 3 were being made by hand as recently as early September, a Wall Street Journal report said.

As it focuses on fixing production issues tied to Model 3 and increases battery production for Puerto Rico, Musk also said Tesla would reschedule the unveiling of its semi-truck to November. Musk had rescheduled unveiling of the truck to late October after he had initially said the truck would be unveiled in September.

“Semi specs are better than anything I’ve seen reported so far. Semi eng/design team work is aces, but other needs are greater right now,” Elon replied to a twitter user who asked him about the specifications of the semi-truck.

The truck would have a working range of 200-300 miles, Reuters had reported in August.

To help restore power after Hurricane Maria knocked out power on the island over two weeks ago, Musk said the company will send more battery installers to the island, Musk said earlier in the day.

(Adapted from Reuters)v


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