Uber Says It Can Improve, Even While It Fights For Survival In London,

In a desperate bid to retain its license od operating in London, Uber has pledged to make improvements in the way it reports serious incidents and called for holding talks with London’s transport regulator.

Deeming Uber to be unfit to run a taxi service in the mega city, the British capital’s transport regulator decided not to renew its license to operate to the ride hailing company on Friday. The license for the company to operate in London comes to an end this week. The approach of Uber to reporting serious criminal offences and background checks on drivers has been cited as the primary reason for the non-renewal of license for the company by the licensing authority of the city.

Reporting of serious crimes including sexual assaults and that this put the public at risk was either not being disclosed, or taking too long to report was the complaint that the London police had made earlier this year against Uber, which is backed by Goldman Sachs and BlackRock.

Uber’s UK Head of Cities said the firm was working with the Metropolitan police to make improvements to its reporting process and apologized about a specific incident when asked about the criticism.

“We’re working with the police to figure out how we can do this in a better way that’s helpful to them,” Fred Jones told BBC radio.

But to discuss the loss of the firm’s license, which formally ends this week, he also called for talks with regulator Transport for London (TfL).

“It’s just not clear for us what their concerns might be,” said Jones.

“Once we understand them we can work with them to figure out what is it that they would like us to do and how can we move forward and I think that’s the important next step,” he said.

TfL declined to comment on Monday.

But TfL’s decision was backed by and the Silicon Valley app’s response was attacked by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, a Labour politician who has criticized the firm in the past.

“You can’t have it both ways: on the one hand acting in an aggressive manner for all sorts of things but on the other hand brief to journalists that they want to do a deal with TfL,” he told BBC radio.

“If you play by the rules you’re welcome in London, if you don‘t, don’t be surprised if TfL takes action against you.”

(Adapted from Reuters)

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