Samsung forays into autonomous self-driving vehicles; gets permit to test its car in California

Samsung is part of a huge conglomerate that manufactures a wide range of products starting from car audio, connected-car technologies, washing machines, smartphones, to heavy machinery.

On Thursday, in a significant development, Samsung Electronics Co Ltd disclosed that it has received a permit to test self-driving vehicles in California.

The news marks the entry of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer into the race self-driving vehicle market. The news comes four months after Samsung’s rival, Apple Inc, announcements that it had received a permit.

In fact, in May, Samsung’s parent company had managed to secure a permission from South Korean authorities to test a self-driving car in South Korea. At that point of time South Korean officials had disclosed the company plans on using the car to develop its own algorithm for autonomous vehicle technology in adverse weather.

In its statement, Samsung has yet to disclose what precisely it plans on testing in the United States. What it has said is that it has secured a permit to pursue “… smarter, safer transportation future.”

It has also disclosed that it currently has “no plans to enter the car-manufacturing business.”

Samsung’s product portfolio ranges from smartphones, to washing machines and heavy machinery.

Armed with this permit, Samsung will now foray into the highly competitive U.S. self-driving car landscape, which has giants such as Alphabet’s self-driving division Waymo, Apple, Tesla and others.

Earlier this year, Samsung closed a $8 billion acquisition of Harman International Industries, a car audio maker; this will give it a foothold in connected-car related technologies.


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