Siemens consolidates its position in the self-driving industry by acquiring self-driving specialist software developer Tass International

Although Siemens entry into the self-driving vehicle industry has been as recent as early this year, it has been quick to consolidate its position.

In a significant development, German industrial giant Siemens has agreed to acquire Tass International, a company which specializes in developing self-driving software, for an undisclosed sum.

The move will its automotive business, said Siemens.

Tess specializes in creating software that can simulate complex traffic scenarios, validate autonomous driving and advanced driver assistance systems and replicate the impact of a car crash on a human body.

With an employee strength of 200, it has an annual turnover of nearly $32.3 million (27 million euros).

“Tass International is a proven leader in both integrated safety and autonomous driving, two fields of engineering that are increasingly important for the industry,” said Jan Mrosik, Chief Executive of Siemens’ Digital Factory.

Siemens aims to integrate its own advanced simulation products, which it recently acquired from Mentor Graphics, with that of Tass’s.

Earlier this year, in what has been its biggest software acquisition, Siemens acquired Mentor Graphics for $4.5 billion.

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