Qualcomm reveals the impact of its dispute with Apple Inc

While it has provided limited info, there will be more clarity on the issue once it files its quarterly returns.

In response to questions from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Qualcomm Inc has disclosed further details on the impact of its ongoing dispute with Apple Inc.

As part of its response Qualcomm stated, revenues from its CDMA technology business stemming from modem sales for iPhones is likely continue to decline, in part depending on the extent of Apple’s utilization of rivals’ modems and the mix of the various versions that are sold.

As part of its regulatory filing, Qualcomm stated Apple’s strategy of dual sourcing will not impact its licensing revenue since licensing revenues from Apple products are not dependent upon whether such products include Qualcomm’s chipsets.

Further details on the impact of Apple’s dual-sourcing model on product revenue, including profitability and licensing revenues will be shared by the company in its upcoming quarterly filing.


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