Toyota, Intel, Ericson, Docomo and others create auto tech consortium

The coming age of autonomous self-driving vehicles have necessitate close collaboration between tech companies and automakers.


Toyota Motor Corp along with Intel and other tech and auto companies have formed a consortium to create an ecosystem that will cater to big data for the upcoming connected car market.

The Japanese carmaker also mentioned that Swiss telecom equipment manufacturer Ericsson as well as Japan-based Denso Corp, an auto parts maker, and NTT DoCoMo Inc, a telecoms firm, are part of the Automotive Edge Computing Consortium.

The members of this consortium will collaborate in creating a framework for data gathering and tapping purposes that cater to emerging services including intelligent driving, creating maps with real-time data and driving assistance based on cloud computing, said Toyota in a statement.

With upcoming cars developing significant new capabilities, they will be using and depending on vast tracts of data.

Data volume between vehicles and the cloud is expected to reach 10 exabytes per month in 2025, nearly 10,000 times larger than at present, said Toyota.


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