Foreign hackers probing critical EU infrastructure systems for vulnerabilities

Defensive measures are being taken, however experts have admitted that defensive countermeasures have typically lagged behind the ability of hackers to code tools to circumvent countermeasures.

As per former and current European government sources who have knowledge of the issue, hackers are persistently trying to attack critical national infrastructure across the European Union.

These sources have confirmed that critical European infrastructure regularly face cyberattacks similar to the ones reported by the Washington Post on Sunday which stated that the cyberattacks had been launched by Russian government hackers against U.S. nuclear power systems and other energy infrastructure.

As per a former senior British security official, the Washington Post report was an “article of faith” that Russian government hackers were seeking to penetrate UK critical infrastructure. He declined to cite public case studies.

As per another European security source, authorities in the United Kingdom were aware of the latest reports regarding cyberattacks on critical state infrastructures. He mentioned that British authorities were in regular contact with other governments over the attacks.

Authorities in the UK declined to comment on the extent of any such attempted or on their success rate. They also refused to discuss the security counter measures governments and infrastructure operators might be taking against such cyberattacks.

Security experts in Europe and in the U.S. have acknowledged that the evolution and development of cyber security to protect critical infrastructure system against outside intruders has often played catch up with the ability of hackers to invent tools to get hack the systems.


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