At The G-20 Leaders’ Table, Ivanka Trump Sat In For Her Father

Sitting in for the president when he stepped away for one-on-one meetings with world leaders, Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, took his seat at a Group of 20 meeting table in Hamburg.

Seated between Chinese President Xi Jinping and British Prime Minister Theresa May, is Ivanka Trump sitting at her father’s place, shows a photo on Twitter. she has taken her father’s place at the table on at least two occasions today and did not speak, one official who was watching the session said.

Ivanka Trump had briefly joined the main table when the president stepped out and prior to that she had been sitting in the back of the room, a spokesman for Ivanka Trump said. The spokesman said that an address about African migration and health was being delivered by the president of the World Bank. Shortly before the meeting, Ivanka Trump and the World Bank had announced a program about these specific areas that were being discussed.

The seats of the leaders at some of the G-20 meetings are allowed to be briefly filled by others and this is what happened when other leaders stepped out during today’s session. The G-20 leaders are allowed to bring staff into the room for some meetings. Ivanka Trump serves as an unpaid adviser to her father, as an assistant to the president.

But it would be unusual for world leaders to have family members take their place at their table and her presence at the table is the sort of blurring of lines — between family and official business — that Donald Trump is often criticized for. Later in the meeting, while the president was in the chair, Trump’s wife, Melania, joined the U.S. delegation in the room.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkey’s Recip Tayyip Erdogan were seated at other seats nearby Ivanka Trump.

The photo was tweeted by the Russian sherpa to the G-20, Svetlana Lukash, who wrote that Ivanka Trump “replaces Pres Trump at the #G20 table as he leaves for bilateral meetings.”

A World Bank event on a fund for women entrepreneurs that she is actively involved in, was among the engagements of Ivanka Trump earlier in the day. The president praised her work on the fund at the event.

“I’m very proud of my daughter Ivanka, always have been from day one. I have to tell you that, from day one,” Donald Trump said. “If she weren’t my daughter it’d be so much easier for her. It might be the only bad thing she has going if you want to know the truth.”

(Adapted from Bloomberg)


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