Facebook’s internet-beaming drone successfully completes second phase of testing

Facebook plans on developing a fleet of these drones which can beam down internet connectivity even in the most remote region of the world.

Facebook Inc has disclosed that it has completed a second test of its unmanned aircraft that is designed to beam down internet connectivity to remote regions of the globe. Unlike its first flight test, the drone did not crash.

Facebook plans on developing a fleet of solar-powered drones which can fly for 6 months at a stretch, communicate with one another and extend internet connectivity throughout the globe.

When it first conducted its test in June 2016 in the Arizona desert, the unmanned drone flew for 1 hour and 36 minutes, three times longer than its scheduled plan. The drone had however crashed landed, moments before landing, and had suffered a wing damage.

Martin Luis Gomez, Facebook’s director of aeronautical platforms wrote in a blog post that the second test took place on May 22, with the unmanned drone logging 1 hour 46 minutes before landing safely near Yuma, Arizona.

This time its damage was “a few minor, easily-repairable dings,” wrote Gomez in the blog.

He also mentioned that Facebook’s engineers had added “spoilers” to the aircraft’s wings in order to reduce lift during the landing approach and increase drag.


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