Continental joins Intel, BMW and Mobileye led self-driving platform

This collaborative effort will shift into production gear in 2021.

On Tuesday Continental disclosed it would be join the self-driving platform pioneered by Intel, BMW and Mobileye in efforts aimed at integrating the handling of components and software.

This integration of hardware and software data has accelerated the pace of development of self-driving vehicles and has sparked a growing number of alliances between auto manufacturers and suppliers of auto parts.

Continental, the world’s second biggest supplier to carmakers by sales, stated it would play a key role in commercializing the new platform, which is to be sold to other auto manufacturers.

“We can meet the steep demands in autonomous driving through an industry-wide collaboration more comprehensively, rapidly and at lower costs than by going alone,” said Elmar Degenhart, Continental’s Chief Executive in an emailed statement.

The self-driving platform is slated for production in 2021.

In 2016, BMW joined the platform along with Intel and Mobileye. Since then Delphi Automotive has also joined the collaborative effort.

Earlier this year in April, Daimler created a similar alliance with automotive supplier Robert Bosch to speed up the development of self-driving vehicles.


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